Website Builder and Web Hosting Service Free or Paid

One of the essential resources for a website is a web hosting services provider and the website builder tool. It is because this is the resource that enables the website to go online. Selecting a reliable web hosting service provider is very important because the right web hosting service provider lets the website run better even when there is high web traffic.

Although there are a lot of factors that can help you realize if a web host is suitable to your needs, it is important for you to realize that the first step in determining what is the best web hosting online is for you to have a clear understanding of what your hosting needs are.  Some of the things that influence your hosting needs include: the kind of website you are building, the kind of software you will be using, the kind of applications you will be needing, and your anticipated traffic volume. These and many other factors will determine what your web hosting needs will entail.

After sorting out issues regarding your hosting needs, the next step is to determine whether a free or paid web hosting will be the best option for you. Free web hosting is okay if you are just starting out as a webmaster, but it important to note that it comes with a few disadvantages. For starters, your host will impose compulsory advertising of their own on your site, while prohibiting you from running your own adverts.  There are also other shortcomings like limited bandwidth for data transfer, limited web space, limitations on the size and types of files that you are allowed to upload to your site, to mention but a few. All said, opting for a paid hosting is probably the best if you wish to avoid as many of these hitches as possible.

In selecting a paid hosting, you have to determine your budget and business needs because they will influence the type of web hosting plan you will eventually choose. There are 3 main types of paid web hosting available, based mainly on the size and type of servers offered by web hosting companies.

  • Shared servers: on this type of server, websites share web hosting resources from the same central server. This option is often regarded by most new web masters as the most cost-effective solution to their hosting needs. This option is suitable for beginners who have insignificant traffic needs. It often comes with a single domain, and with limited bandwidth and data storage space.
  • Virtual private servers:  as the name indicate, these are virtually dedicated to your business and affords you better features like greater bandwidth, and a lot more other resources. And is suitable for small to medium sized businesses that may have the need to run an online store.
  • Dedicated servers: this type of server is solely dedicated to your business and come with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Although they cost more than the other type of servers, they afford you greater uptime, and are suitable for large corporations/businesses that need to have complete control of their web hosting affairs.

After determining the type of web hosting which is best for you, you should also consider other factors like cost-effectiveness of the provider’s services, quality of customer support policy, overall bandwidth and storage allowance, average connection speed, server uptime; and most importantly, customer feedback/reviews, to know what other customers are saying about the provider. is one of the world’s best web hosting service providers and website builder platforms as well. Here, you not only create the website with the help of the website builder tool, but you also get fantastic web hosting services that make your website perform very well online.

These are why you must select whenever you are looking for website builders and hosting services. Here we will also discuss some of the features and benefits of

Features of

The following are some of the features of

Customer support

Customer support is significant for hosting services because they assist you in downtime. knows this, and this is the reason they provide 24/7 customer service in the following ways.

  • Call
  • Email
  • Chat

Design freedom allows users to have their custom designs when they are making their website. It is beneficial when the users are using WordPress for designing their website.

Easy step-by-step setup.

The starting or the setup process is effortless on as you only need to choose a few things like your package and domain name. After this, you can start building your website.

Benefits of using

Some of the best benefits of getting a website builder and hosting services from are discussed below.

1. Many different plans to choose from.

To make the hosting services affordable for everyone, including the small business owners, there are many plans to choose from.

2. Speed and performance.

One of the many reasons behind the success of is its quality services. provides hosting services with significantly less to almost no downtime issue. Additionally, the loading speed of your website will also be great here.

3. Unlimited storage

If data storage is an issue for you, then will deal with it because comes with an unlimited storage option with their hosting services.

Pros of using

The pros of are listed below.

  1. The hosting services from are very reliable with very minimal downtime.
  2. The pricing policies of are transparent with no hidden charges.
  3. For your first year, you get a free domain name.
  4. The prices for the hosting services of are very affordable.

Final Thoughts:

Your website hosting services provider plays a significant role in the success of your website. It is because the performance of the website depends on the quality of the services. is one of the world’s leading platforms for providing hosting services, and it currently hosts more than 2 million websites.

Here we discussed some benefits and features of so that you can feel it more comfortable to choose as your website hosting services provider.


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